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A Trademarked Science

Why is Astrotometry Trademarked?
How to avoid the "Quantum State"

One of the biggest problems facing the scientific community is that various disciplines are corrupted by claims and information that are not representative of scientific fact.  Fake clones and phony space expeditions notwithstanding, there is a lot of bad information which degrades and defames vital scientific work.

When a promising new area of study emerges, good work is frequently occluded and overshadowed by a flood of bad information, bad press, faulty science, and politicly motivated postures. This situation has created an unfortunate environment of distrust and justifiable skepticism. Anyone may call themselves an expert in a particular field. Educational accreditation systems are in disrepair and have not paced the information age.

For these reason more than any, "Astrotometry" is a trademark to be used only with express written permission. If you are a reputable writer, scientist, or journalist and would like to reference or write about Astrotometry™ please see the contact information below.

It may seem extreme, or even ironic, to trademark a science in an effort to maintain it's purity, but please consider the following story:

In 2006 I attended a new age fair called the "New Living Expo" in San Francisco. There were a lot of very interesting vendor booths and lectures on various "new age" and spiritual topics. Overall the fair was entertaining and thought provoking. But one of the talks I attended stuck out as what I would consider bad or potentially defamatory science.

The talk was being given by one of the vendors, a merchant who was selling LED and Laser Diode devices for physical healing purposes, the "Soliton Laser" healing system.  The topic of the talk was absolutely irresistible, "Stellar Body Rejuvination, Manifestation and Your DNA"  The lecturer was a bit tardy to a room filled with curious seekers, and  he spoke mostly about his meditations. He  referred to entering the "Quantum State" during meditation.

I was a bit confused about this and I raised my hand to ask, "What exactly does 'Quantum State' mean for you?"

The lecturer replied that it was the state where he feels connected to everything in the Universe.

Afterwards walking around at the fair, the word "Quantum" was kinda stuck in my brain. There was Quantum water, Quantum power crystals but everyone seemed to have a bit different idea of what "Quantum" actually was all about.

I knew there were at least 7 camps in Quantum Mechanics, "and it looks like I'd found some more,"  I chuckled to myself.

Perhaps it was my more formal physical understanding of a "Quantum State", which also happened to be the dictionary definition:  "a state of a quantized system that is described by a set of quantum numbers" This just didn't seem to jive with the "Quantum State" at the Expo. Which was fine, but more than a bit confusing.

And to be perfectly clear, I'm not challenging any of the claimed performance of any of these products. I'm simply pointing out the main reason Astrotometry is trademarked.

I think it's very important to maintain an open mind, and I genuinely enjoy "new age" fairs. And it is my sincere hope that Astrotometry™  will some day yield better vernacular for describing the effects of the products being demonstrated at venues such as The New Living Expo....



Astrotometry™ can only achieve it's goals if it is able to avoid the "Quantum State."


Why Astrotometry™ is a trademark of  John Thomas Bryant, Jr. -  The Cosabio Virtual Institute

You may contact John through The Astrotometry Channel on YouTube or e-mail Cosabio using the G-mail system