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The quest for knowledge and understanding is a multicultural endeavor spanning the boundaries of human lives. Often with advancement of human perspective comes profound changes in the meaning of the discoveries championed by our intellectual gurus. While Astrotometry calls into question the propositions of many great scientific minds, Astrotometry could not have existed without them. With the advantage of collective perspectives, our collective work continues as we attain higher and higher understandings...

Astrotometry is inspired by the contributions of

Special thanks and recognition to everyone contributing to the SOHO project


Sri Aurobindo

John Stewart Bell

William Blake

Maurice Bloomfield

David Bohm

Neils Bohr

Nick Bostrom*

Tycho Brahe

Nicolaus Copernicus

David Deutsch*

Christian Doppler

Albert Einstein

Michael Faraday

Leon Foucault

  Galileo Galilei

Steven Hawking*

Werner Heisenberg

Aldus Huxley

Albert Hofmann

Douglas Hofstadter*

Johannes Kepler

Heinrich Lenz

Hendrik Lorentz


Edwin Hubble

James Clerk Maxwell

Terence McKenna

Albert Michelson

Edward Morley

Max Muller

Nick Herbert*

Sir Issac Newton

Ernest Normam

Ruth Norman

Dr. Tony Phillips


Albert Pike


Claudius Ptolemaeus

 The Rishis

Victor Roos


Carl Sagan

Georges Sagnac

Matthew Segall*


Kent Steadman

Nicola Tesla

Evangelista Torricelli


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