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Applied Astrotometry

Applied Astrotometry post Fukushima

July 22nd, 2012

Dear Viewers,

Beyond the paradigm shifts proposed in Astrotometry, the discoveries enabled by its vision quickly endowed this infant science with vital Earthly applications.

In 2007, analysis of solar trends using my core weather model indicated that the severity and frequency of potentially disastrous seismic events would increase due to the sharp drop in solar activity. This grave concern drove me to start forecasting earthquakes on YouTube.

I've also used it to forecast cyclonic storms and breaking new scientific ground in the field of weather pattern modeling. There are several other practical applications for Astrotometry, and I'll skip these for now since earthquake forecasting is more vital.

After some relative success at producing public earthquake watches, the focus of my research was to develop a usable technique to more accurately forecast these catastrophic events. After forecasting the tragic seismic event in Japan, the devastation of the Fukushima Provence moved me to raise awareness of earthquake-triggered nuclear meltdowns. I was inspired to write, record, and produce a song entitled "Nuclear Scum!" with an accompanying video.

While the forecasting technique is still too rough initiate practical emergency response, the forecasts are still useful for some people living in seismically active zones. Since every major seismic event seems to have a significant foreshadow in the form of a solar disturbance, the forecasts provide some solace for persons living in quake prone areas!

It is my hope that Astrotometry will eventually offer reliable advanced earthquake warnings. Recent theoretical breakthroughs may lead to the elimination of the 25-33 percent "false alarm" rate in my forecast record and provide a way to pinpoint the specific location of the epicenters. And if the human eye fails at the task, it is probable that computers can be programmed to better "see" forthcoming earthquakes using telemetry aggregated from various institutional sources. Eventually, computer based models with pattern-matching algorithms may automatically tell us exactly when and where major earthquakes will occur.


I see it as a race against the clock to perfect this technique so that lives might be saved in the forthcoming seismic events.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Astrotometry.



John Thomas Bryant, Jr

PS As my research is independent from corporate, government, and academic conflicts of interest, I depend on the support of goodhearted people.

Please help me deliver Astrotometry to the world.



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