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The Astrotome

The  Astro . `tome

Most 21st century people think of the Earth as being separate from the rest of the Universe. It is thought that we live on a singular planet rotating on it's axis once daily and orbiting it's Sun once a year. The Sun is thought to be one of many stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Solar system, according to Astronomers, is thought to be moving through space at a fantastic speed while rotating around a point known as Galactic Center.

Concepts in modern Astronomy come from centuries of rational scientific scrutiny of celestial observations, and breakthrough discoveries about the physics of light. And while the "Solar System" model has been considered a "best fit" for what we have observed about the Universe, there are many inconsistencies and gaps in contemporary cosmological theory.

Astrotometry brings to the table a profound shift in the comprehension of the geometry of space-time. By integrating dozens of experimental observations, amazing discoveries were made about the nature of matter, energy, time and physical movement.

One of the most significant discoveries is that the Earth is not separate from the energy which seems to strike it from outer space. The stars we see in the heavens are better understood as the multiple axes of time. This light indicates the activity of the mechanisms which carry us, and what we think of as Planet Earth, through time.

The way we move through time is nothing like the way we appear to be moving through space. When you realize how it's happening, it will expand your world to include the rest of the cosmos.

Astrotometry demonstrates that like the "flat" world view, the "Solar System" model is an illusion. We are interacting with what is contained in the heavens in a very particular way. Astrotometry demonstrates how time's mechanisms connect separate spaces and reveals a profound new understanding of the Universe.

Astrotometry was primarily developed on new interpretations of existing observations. Since then there have been scores of original observations supporting this new world-view. The new discoveries and models are such a profound departure from modern physics and astronomy, a new name was needed for this new concept.

This structure of this new world is called the "Astrotome".


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