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Principles and Theories for Analyzing Three Dimensional Space with Respect to Time
The Common Medium Carrier Hypothesis

    "I would not call [entanglement] one but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics, the one that enforces its entire departure from classical lines of thought." -Erwin Schrodinger

  • Contextual background: Given that light appears to travel with wavelike properties, it seems logical to suppose that light is some type of waveform. In 1887 an experiment was devised with the goal of detecting the luminiferous aether, the medium in which light was thought to propagate. When the famous Michelson and Morley's experiment failed to detect an aether moving relative to the Earth, the enigmatic particle-wave duality was born. Most scientific schools interpreted the null result of the experiment as indicating the de facto nonexistence of a medium. And the experiment would depose a cherished scientific cannon held since the time of  Aristotle. Albert Michelson continued to research the properties of light, eventually winning a Nobel Prize for his work in spectroscopy.  On principle, Michelson maintained the belief that a medium did exist, and that the experiment had over looked something significant about the nature of light.
    • Presented with the goals of:
      • 1. Resolving the particle-wave duality
      • 2. Providing theoretical physical mechanisms for:
      • 3. Resolving these irrational propositions in the contemporary scientific mindset:
        • A wavelike particle which travels in a vacuum.
        • Nothingness which occupies space.
      • 4. Restoring a canon held since the time of Aristotle that the conveyance of  light involves a medium..
    • By employing and through consideration of these important scientific discoveries:
      • Double-slit interference demonstrated in the results of Young's experiment.
      • X-rays which penetrate seemingly solid matter.
      • Quantum entanglements which instantaneously connect material attributes at arbitrary distances.
      • Particle supersymmetry which indicates hidden variables and a non-local structure to the Universe.
    • In  reconsideration of the Michelson-Morley experiment, its results, and its contemporary interpretation.
    • A paradigm shift is proposed which is more consistent with scientific observations in the context of the aforementioned discoveries:
    •  The Common Medium Carrier Hypothesis is reasoned as follows:
      • Considering that Young's experiment indicates a wavelike nature for light.
      • Respecting the mass-energy equivalence relationship proposed by Einstein.
      • Michelson and Morley's expectation of a difference in the speed of light, is problematic for the following reason:
      • Therefore it is hypothesized that observable energy tends to propagate phase-locked with the mass of the observational mechanism. This is reasoned as follows:
        • Given that the frequency of electromagnetic energy determines whether or not it is absorbed by a given mass, as demonstrated by x-rays:
          • Considering mass-energy as standing wavelets in a common medium carrier.
          • Knowing that electromagnetic energy is either reflected or detected (absorbed) by a given observational-mass.
          • Harmonic standing wave forms would necessarily result from the reflections of its own supporting forms as they interact with surrounding forms.
      • Therefore, in iterative reflections between the apparent source and the (possible) destination(s), the carrier forms of electromagnetic energy would interfere with themselves thereby generating associated field effects.
    • The hypothesis is supported by, and provides a mechanism for, the effects observed in Young's experiment. This is reasoned as follows:
      • The contemporary interpretation of Young's experiment assumes a single wave front creating the interference which is then observed.
      • Rather, it is hypothesized that the interference patterns are a result of standing waveforms which are initiated between the apparent source and the possible destinations.
    • The hypothesis is supported by, and indicates a mechanism for, relativistic timing effects. This is reasoned as such:
      • Consider the effect the velocity of an observational-mass would have on standing standing wavelets it participates in creating.
      • The carrier wave must be orders of magnitude faster for a standing waveform to manifest at photon frequency.
      • Therefore, the "speed" of "light" would always be measured as constant, since, as a standing wavelet, it is strictly a function of the carrier speed and self-interference patterns in a given medium.
    • With respect to Michelson and Morley's original goal of detecting the medium:
      • Given the setup prescribed by the experiment.
      • It is hypothesized that the dependence of the observational mechanism on a common medium for it's own time-space continuity makes detecting the medium impossible.
      • Rather than concluding the nonexistence of a medium, a better formulation of the relationship between mass and energy is proposed.
    • The hypothesis is supported by, and indicates mechanisms for, the spin entanglement and  supersymmetry of subatomic particles. This is reasoned as follows:
  • Therefore it is proposed that the structure of all mass-energy may be abstracted as standing wavelets in a Common Medium Carrier.
  • In term of Astrotometry, the peaks of these standing wavelets are referred to as nodes, and collections of mass-energy nodes are referred to as node-patterns.

The Common Medium Carrier Hypothesis is dedicated to the memory and scientific contributions of Albert Michelson.


The "No Nothingness" Principle

There exists no measurable physical volume where "nothing" exists.

The "No Nothingness" Corollary:
The Conservation of Volumetric Space

All three dimensional volume is conserved through matter-energy and space-time transformations.

(Nature Forbids a Vacuum)


The Union of Matter-Energy, Space, and Gravity

  • There exists necessarily a relationship between matter, energy and the apparent occupation of volumetric space.
  • As it has been demonstrated
  • Since electromagnetic energy has a speed and frequency that places it, within a theoretical margin 6, at various relative points as it travels through time and space, electromagnetic energy must be somehow conducted through the "non-nothingness".
  • As matter is transformed into energy and vice versa, 2 the volumetric space occupied by the energy contracts and expands.
  • Conversely, as an object moves through time, the transformation2 of energy into matter4 is associated with a contraction of the surrounding space since the space occupied by the energy is conserved.1 These spacial contractions draw objects closer to one another.
  • Gravity is hereby united with the energy-mass proportionality relationship2 via the no nothingness principle and the second law of thermodynamics. 5

Growing into the outer space.

Space-Time Conjugation: Time Wave or Time Capsule Theorey
(How matter-energy persists and appears to move from one space to another.)

To understand the difficulty in detecting the character of undefined space,  consider the manifestation of particles in three dimensional space as emergent from complex interactions of their component waveforms:

Astrotometric Translation and The Astrotome

  • The appearance that an object occupies the same space and is the same object from one moment to the next moment emerges from complex frequency relationships between node-patterns.
  • As the planet Earth moves through time, it's matter-energy node patterns propagate through space in innumerable directions simultaneously.
  • In the shortest measurable moment, the node pattern of every energy-mass on Earth is communicated through an astronomical multitude of spacial vectors orthogonal to their subatomic components.
  • All energy-mass instances exist as separate planetary moments carried from one planet instance to the next by a process of stellar translation whereby: The formation of each energy-mass is translated over the origin(s) of the transverse wave(s) that momentarily intersect it's node pattern(s). In an undetectable amount of time (hypertime) these node patterns reassemble from their self-similar transverse components. This is the primary mechanism of time and the the stars are it's axes.
  • Let movement on the node-pattern level of an energy-mass-planet from one instance to the next be known as Astrotometric Translation.
  • The Astrotometric Translation of the Earth through space-time describes the structure of The Astrotome.
  • The light from the Stars manifests as the physical involvement of the past in generating the present. This mechanism, observed as Quantum entanglement, is responsible for all action-reaction relationships.
  • The fundamental forces of nature emerge from the mechanisms that carry mass-energy through time.

Earthtime, Hypertime, and Temporal Predication

  • A distinction must be made between the time it takes for a pattern's Astrotometric Translation and the local or relative time.
  • Let the time it takes for a pattern's Astrotometric Translation be known as it's Hypertime.
  • Let the common notion of time, differentiated strictly using measurable mass-energy node pattern deltas, be known as an object system's Earthtime.
  • When differentiated with respect to Hypertime, object pattern nodes are separated by astronomical spaces.
  • The Astrotometric Translation of  a given mass-energy pattern is predicated by the local pattern's interaction with all other patterns operating with it's carrier frequency relationship. (See how time creates space.)
  • Since the influences from the secondary axes may necessarily override consistency within primary translation, only a partial treatment of coincidental pairings among causal chains may be derived without consideration of the secondary axes.

Earthtime Wavelengths

  • As time and space are integrated, and as the Earth is spherical, time also curves back on itself.
  • Just as the Earth has multiple time-spaces, the periods of the time-wave curvature must have multiple scales and harmonics.
  • Since the space outside the Earth's atmosphere is observed to have a primary period of 24 hours, it is logical to deduce that this is the primary planetary time curvature.
  • Just as the Earth's space seems continuous and curves back around on itself, Earth's instances are joined at the moment in The Astrotome.
  • The instances of the Earth's energy-mass component nodes are connected through space and time by the Common Carriers as they are translated through The Astrotome.
  • The scalar distance between the pattern nodes of an object's Astrotometric Translation is it's Earthtime Wavelength.

Node Pattern Inductive Focus Coupling


Astrotometric Self-Similarity

  • The structure of the space in the Universe is self-similar with respect to the axes of time.
  • The first node harmonic of the Earth's primary time-space axis manifests as the physical volume known as The Sun and simultaneously as the node patterns which resonate at the same frequency in every space-time.
  • The Sun is actually a part of the Earth, a harmonic wave component of the Earth's matter and energy.
  • The stars and planets appear to move because of the Earth's Astrotometric Translation to a nearly identical planet elsewhere in the Universe where the perspective on the time-space axes is slightly different.
  • Feedback from node pattern collisions on Common Carriers manifest as the electromagnetic energy observed emanating from the time-space axes.

1. To say that there exists a space that is completely empty is contradictory to the basic principles of scientific measurement. Nothingness cannot take up space. It is erroneous to assume that space may be created from nothingness or that if there is nothing detectable in a space that it is therefore empty. Science fell into this erroneous mindset after Michelson and Morley failed to detect the medium in which light travels. Astrotometry uses the term "Undefined" to refer to measurable spaces with no detectable node pattern formations.


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